8 – 0

This morning was rather uneventful. I went to bed too late to comfortably get up for church. I watched some of the Saints game at home before heading to WVUE for work this evening. The station was buzzing, especially for a weekend. They had post-game coverage to deal with and Hurricane Ida was a big news story. Consequently, just about everybody seemed to be working today. Mike, Nancy and Janette were here and they called in John and Nancy to anchor the nine o’clock news. WDSU was doing wall to wall coverage. We received e-mails pleading us not to break in for weather updates, which we didn’t.I was largely free to watch the Saints game at the assignment desk. It was another close, comeback game for the Saints. Down 17-6 at halftime, the Saints roared back after the break with an early touchdown and went to outscore the Carolina Panthers 24-3 in the second half for a final score of 30-20. The Saints are now 8-0, their best start in franchise history.Still with nothing to do, I went upstairs and watched the live postgame show from the control room. Although this broadcast was not nearly as complex as last week’s pre-game special, I still enjoy seeing a live show unfold. I can’t remember what if anything I was doing between newscasts. As Hurricane Ida was a big story this evening, we extended the evening newscast to a full hour with lots of weather. The script was pretty much done when we went to air and the show seemed to go nicely. Afterward, I also prompted The Final Play. New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma was in studio for an interview. Following the show that just left morning sports to tape and I was free to go home afterward. I clocked out at 10:45 and got a cab home.Late in the evening I watched Curb Your Enthusiasm and started a movie before Krystle called. We talked for less than an hour and then I went to sleep.

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