New People

It was well after 11 before we got to the office this morning. I had some charts to work on although I was not as productive as I should have been. I was paying attention to a couple eBay auctions. One was a classic VAIO, a lot of people wanted it more than me. The other was a Canon EF 17-40mm F/4 L lens which I won, a great lens which fits into the “budget L” category. It should complement my 70-200mm lens nicely, especially if I wind up with a full-frame camera someday.I went to Fox 8 for four this afternoon. Lee Zurik, who the Times-Picayune reported landed a job at WVUE today, was at the station getting acquainted with people. Dannah has some practice with the teleprompter so she did the five o’clock news and I did all the script printing. I got a good workout and I was unable to get a couple pages out but overall it wasn’t too much trouble. Shortly before we went on air, John Snell invited me to seek out some writing assignments to get some practice. Obviously writing is a valuable skill even if I don’t make a living out of it. Later on, I picked a short update about a missing fisherman who likely drowned in the Mississippi river while assisting some stranded boaters as Tropical Storm Ida was approaching. I made a couple calls and wrote a few sentences based on that info and an AP story. Around 8:30, John had a look at it and issued some constructive criticism and made changes accordingly.As I was working on my little story after half past the hour, Dannah printed the nine and I prompted. Dave McNamara, also a former WWL-TV reporter, debuted on Fox 8 this evening with his first installment of “The Heart of Louisiana” specials about state culture, history and people. His first package was a lovely piece about Fred’s Lounge in Mamou where locals gather for fun and live Cajun music.The remainder of the broadcast seemed pretty standard, although John and I noticed a bit of an issue. In the prompter, the story I had written was the version I wrote, not the one John revised. He read it as is although his version was better. I suppose it was good enough for the producer, though. I talked to the producer after the show and asked abuot the discrepancy. The revised version was visible in ENPS yet my earlier draft was on the teleprompter. There was no clear explanation.This being a Tuesday, I was on the clock until 12:30. Luckily nobody got killed so I didn’t have to wake anybody up. The cab driver that took me home was a familiar face I saw once not long ago. We had an interesting conversation during the ride. I went to bed not longer after getting home.

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