Dirty Bird Gumbo

Dad and I got to the office at quarter to noon this morning. I did not have any patient reports to work on so I spent some time doing some housekeeping to clear files off my desk.At about quarter to four I went to WVUE for the evening. When I arrived they were a couple minutes to air for their two hour special edition of the news live from the Superdome where the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons would be playing a game broadcast on Monday Night Football.There was nobody else to run prompter so I did that for the duration of the broadcast. Jennifer Van Vrancken was the lone in studio anchor who did the “real news” but the show consisted almost entirely of pre game festivities at the Dome so neither of us had a great deal to do. I was free to enjoy the revelry on TV and listen to the incessant intercom chatter that was coordinating all the on-screen action. Among the interviews and features were a Saints-themed wedding that took place among the tailgaters and one man who was cooking up a huge pot of “dirty bird gumbo.”I was largely unoccupied after the broadcast although I did do some busy work. I even had time to update the VAIO wallpaper collection on the website. At seven, we broadcasted game four of the World Series. WDSU was carrying ESPN’s Monday Night Football with the Saints. I was able to catch a vast majority of the game in the newsroom. It was a pretty awesome match. The Saints overcame four turnovers to beat the Falcons 35-27.I was expecting to the World Series game to end after the Saints game and the late news show was originally planned to open with post-game coverage from the Superdome. However, the baseball game ended well before the football game so we went on the air as there were about five minutes left in the Saints match up. We covered the real news of the day in the first block such as the crime camera trial verdict. After the game ended they ran live coverage from outside the dome, some of the press conference and some reaction from the sports guys. They let Monica go home during the show since there wasn’t anything to prompt with all the live stuff they were doing.The station gradually started to empty out after the broadcast ended not long after 11. My shift lasted until 12:30 AM, after the morning show producer arrives. Luckily the scanners were reasonably quiet although we did receive a call about a fatal shooting in LaPlace as the newscast was running. I presumed the morning show would get to that. I got a cab home and finally finished watching Last Tango in Paris before bed.

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