Following an uneventful afternoon at the office I went to the station at four. There was a new PA working her first day today, Dannah. After I arrived I showed her a couple things she would need to know as she was printing scripts with Claudia for the five o’clock. I put some reads in but I was not terribly occupied until 5:00 to prompt the show. This was my first time running teleprompter for a five o’clock newscast with multiple anchors. I was hoping to get in another quiet weekend show before prompting during the week but I had no such luck.I did an okay job but I did make a few mistakes. Well into the newscast, the new sports guy, John Henry Smith came in alongside John Snell and Nancy. One of John Henry’s reads was tagged {JOHN} like John Snell’s reads, A couple days ago when I prompted John Henry’s sports show, his tags were {***JHS ON CAM***} so I was waiting for John Henry to stop talking when I should have been scrolling for John Henry. Luckily even though I dropped the ball, he recovered nicely… so well that the director had to tell me over the intercom I was lost. Later on I was also late scrolling through a package but I think the clip cut off before it should have. Other than that, I did reasonably well. After the broadcast, I got around to entering a big stack of press releases. I think I had a couple other small tasks but nothing I really remember. I ordered pizzas for delivery for myself and two others at 7:30 but they didn’t arrive until after 8:30, not long before the nine o’clock news started. I was not printing scripts so I had time to eat a little before getting to the prompter. The nine o’clock went pretty smoothly by comparison although I think it’s going to take me a few more days to get a good handle on this.After the broadcast, people started going home. John Adams showed me how to post videos to the website before departing for the evening. After he left I was alone in the newsroom to listen to the scanners. Luckily they were reasonably quiet this evening and I didn’t have to call anybody. It was just as well as I was unsure who to pick had I needed to. Claudia called me at about 11 to see how I was doing, which was nice. I made beat checks at 11:45 and left for the night at 12:30. The same guy who picked me up Monday, Saheed, was the cabbie this evening. After I got home, I watched some TV before bed.

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