I slept in later than I care to admit today. It seems like I wasn’t awake all that long before I had to go to work again. I got to WVUE at ten to five. I did not immediately have a whole lot to do but I did take care of a stack of press releases that were sitting around. Jessica pointed them out last night.A little later in the evening I went up to the graphics office with Monica to learn a little about Avid DekoMOS Playback Controller. She just started running graphics herself so there was not a great deal she could tell me. It was interesting just to see the graphics office as I never got around to visiting there while I was interning.There was another World Series game tonight and we were again quite late getting started. I think it was about 10:50 when we went on air. Both Leah and Claudia left at about 10 so I was the only one left to run the teleprompter. I was already familiar with the software and equipment but this was my first time running the prompter for a newscast. This was as good a day as any to start although it would have been better to be supervised for the first go-round. There is only one anchor on the weekend and the script was done by the time we started. I did pretty well although I was a bit slow. I’m sure I will master it soon enough.After the half hour newscast I had to prompt for John Henry Smith and the Final Play, a local sports show. Before leaving for the night I also had to run the prompter for a morning promo taping. I left for the night at 12:15. After I got home I had something to eat and finished watching a movie before bed.

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