Patrick’s 23rd

I slept in this morning following my outing last night. I went out early this afternoon and fit in some chores before leaving the house for the day. I went to Andrey’s house for two this afternoon. He was hosting a birthday party for Patrick. Shortly before I left, the lens I won on eBay this week arrived. It’s the Canon 17-40mm lens. It arrived a little dirty and I cleaned it up before taking it and my camera with me.There were a handful of people there when I arrived. I won’t attempt to document the attendees here. My pictures make enough effort on that front. The crowd grew as time went by. It was the biggest turnout I’ve ever seen to a gathering at Andrey’s place. Some 50 people must have stopped by over the course of the evening. David, Patrick and Andrey were preparing food when I got there. We had kabobs, beef brisket and a few hamburgers. Assembling the kabobs for grilling was the biggest task and a handful of people lent a hand over the course of the afternoon.The food was good, there were plenty of people and since this was at Andrey’s place we also had the ceremonial vodka shot with pickle and Russian rye chaser.At quarter to six I had to take a cab to get to work. I was unable to get any additional hours off of my Saturday shift. Outside of the script printing and prompting the half-hour newscast I was largely unoccupied. I left for the evening at 9:45.Before departing I called Andrey and he invited me back to his place as the party was winding down. There were only a handful of people remaining. Patrick and Erin departed about 30 minutes after I arrived. With only me, Andrey, David, Nick, Andrey’s roommate and neighbor remaining, we went inside to talk and drink a bit more. Later in the evening a couple guitars and a banjo appeared for what have sounded like a painful jam session. I was either very tolerant or otherwise too impaired to be bothered.Before calling it a night, the lot of us walked a couple blocks away for a couple rounds of Schlitz at Snake and Jakes. It went well. Not long after getting back to Andrey’s place I called a cab home. We stopped to drop off David and Nick on the way. I got home around three and immediately went to bed.

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