Cafe Prytania

I took the day off Friday, having not had one in a week or so. I spent it relaxing and doing some chores like laundry and cleaning up. This afternoon was rather uneventful. I got a ride to Fox 8 for my shift this evening. I work five to ten on weekends although I am now discovering that the shift is only five hours so PA’s last a little longer. There really isn’t much of any work to do until an hour before we go on air. The rest of the time you can only seek out busy work or maybe hang out somewhere and learn something new.The script was done before we went on air at nine tonight. I was able to handle the script printing as well and run the teleprompter for Shelley. Things went smoothly for me but not so much for everyone else. “Big weather,” the main weather segment, took a minute and a half longer than expected which adversely affected the rest of the broadcast. A couple news stories were cut and sports which is in the final block took the brunt of the damage. Footage from Tulane’s big win over UTEP was cut, the Rummel / Shaw game was cut as was some Saints stuff. There was some talk after the show about how sports always gets hosed because it’s at the end of the show.Just after 10, Andrey and David arrived at the station. I heard from Andrey before nine and he told me about an outing they were planning for late this evening. He agreed to pick me up and asked for a little tour of the station and I obliged him. I showed them the newsroom, studios, introduced Andrey and David to Nicondra and went upstairs to see the control room and other engineering rooms.Following the dime tour we went out to Cafe Prytania, a bar/grill across the street from Touro Hospital. It’s a decent place. There was live music to talk over and beer pitchers. After we were there for a while, Patrick graced us with his presence for an hour or so before departing for the evening.After a while, Andrey and David wanted to go somewhere with pool tables and we ended up at Igor’s Buddha Belly Bar on Magazine. They had a couple tables with a noticeable lean. It was fun to play just the same, even though I still suck at pool. Following a couple rounds there, we went to Rally’s per tradition and ate at Andrey’s house. I called a cab home and arrived at about 2:45. On the way, the cab stopped to return the wallet left in the car by the last fare.

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