This was my last day in Brookhaven. Bianca made a late breakfast and around noon, she drove me down to the “station,” really a small covered shelter. The train was due at 12:16 and we talked and watched Kyle while we waited. After the train was late I called Amtrak’s automated phone system and learned the train was not expected until after one. With a half hour to kill we took a little walk up and down the street the tracks run along. Eventually we went back top to the stop in anticipation of the train. We got to talking about digital photographs and had a lively but unproductive discussion. I was armed with facts but couldn’t convince Bianca she should be keeping pictures as resolutions beyond VGA size. It was pretty painful for someone like myself who owns an 8MP dSLR and still occasionally has feelings of inadequacy. Luckily we changed the subject before the train showed up. The train ride was pleasant enough, although considerably longer than the ride to Brookhaven. After getting settled I moved up to the dining car to sit with my laptop and get something to drink. I ended up sitting with a fellow student, Emily who I’ve seen before in ballroom. She lives in Mississippi and was visiting family during the fall break.Dad was waiting to pick me up at the station when I arrived, although he was not in a particularly good mood. I don’t recall much from that evening although I must have spent time unpacking and going through the pictures I shot over the weekend. I think I got them on the website that night.

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