Game Four

I worked at Fox on Monday although at present I cannot really remember anything that happened that day. I was there again today. I was in the newsroom for a few hours this morning, put in some press releases and did not have much else to do. At around three, I went upstairs to hang out with Ron in master control. We were broadcasting game four of the ALCS and that was as good a place as any to watch the game. I was also curious to see how commercials were run during a live sporting event. To my surprise, there was not much work involved there because there were so few local breaks. We only had three opportunities during nine innings to run local ads. The rest of the breaks were from network and required no intervention on our end. The few times we did have commercials, Ron only needed to hit a “roll take” button at the right moment and the pre-queued commercials ran. The rest of the time he was free to work on other things like ingesting promos.At about 4:20 I went downstairs to see if Claudia needed any help. Leah was working with her but I made myself busy running pages here and there. I stayed in the newsroom through the broadcast. While I was doing that, I had an interesting exchange with Janette that I might have more to say about later.After the broadcast, while waiting for promos to be approved for printing, Claudia showed me another thing PA’s do, call gas stations to get prices for the morning news’ “Gas Gauge” feature. After I got home I got some dinner and watched the rest of the ALCS game which went into extra innings. I called Ron during the game to ask about the upcoming primetime schedule and to offer my sympathies for the extra trouble of dealing with another game in overtime. Eventually the game ended with an Angels win and I watched House which immediately followed.

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