Photo Shoot

Bianca made omelets for breakfast this morning that were pretty good. This afternoon, Bianca, me and her dog went out to a park to shoot some pictures. It was hardly a scenic park but I did my best to experiment with what I had to work with. I took some pictures at an old baseball diamond and a swing set. This was my first attempt at shooting a model in the traditional sense. I was not very happy with the results but I learned a lot.Later in the evening, Bianca cooked steak and baked potatoes for dinner. We walked the dog again after dinner. We got an earlier start today so we were back before sundown. Bianca made some cookies for dessert after we got back. There wasn’t much of anything on TV this evening ad we ended up watching game two of the ALCS. The game went 14 innings and I stayed up until the game ended around one and then went to bed.

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