Great Dinner

Unlike Bianca the early riser, I was in no hurry to get up this morning. Bianca made pancakes for breakfast… one big one actually. This afternoon, Bianca and I went grocery shopping. We dropped offer dog Kyle at a vet’s office for an hour or so while we went to Wal-Mart. We were there to buy stuff for dinner over the next couple days.With groceries in tow we picked up Bianca’s dog at the vet and went back to her house. Late this afternoon, Bianca’s friend Raymond, a retired chef, cooked dinner for us. He cooked sweet potatoes as good as I’ve ever had them as well as chicken parmesan and red beans. Bianca has been hyping his chicken dish for a while and she was not exaggerating. All the food was excellent.Later in the evening, Bianca and I took her dog Kyle for a walk. We got a late start and it was well after dark when we got back. After we got home I watched Stargate Universe and one of the Netflix movies I brought with me, Gates of heaven. I did not particularly care for it and Bianca certainly didn’t.

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