Work on Wednesday was not particularly eventful. I got lunch from Five Happiness like most Wednesdays. With a trip coming up tomorrow I had a few things to do this evening. I had a couple loads of laundry to do and finish packing. I also reassembled an alternator for my car. The brush housing broke last week and I put in a new one. On Thursday morning, I finished packing in the morning and went to work for a little while. I had a couple reports to work on and some records to copy. I got some lunch from Theo’s before leaving for the day at about quarter past one when Dad took me to the train station. I was going to Brookhaven, Mississippi to visit Bianca for a couple days. She has been encouraging me to visit since she moved there well over a year ago. I’ve passed through a couple times before with Krystle but never went stay for any length of time. The train departed pretty much on time at 1:45. There was not much of a crowd on the train at the origin station. The ride was pleasant enough and only two hours.Bianca arrived a couple minutes after I did. There isn’t an actual train station at the stop anymore. The old one has been converted to a military museum and Amtrak only has a tiny covered shelter there. We drove back to her house afterward.This evening, Bianca made a chicken and rice dish with green bean casserole. I rented a flash for the weekend and hat it shipped to her house. I’ve never used a Speedlite before so I took some time to play with it. For the most part we spent the evening watching movies and TV.

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