Wet Thursday

I am writing this entry a couple days after the fact and I am totally blanking on the events of Wednesday. All I remember is lunch from Five Happiness.After a normal day at work, Dad took to me to Elmwood for class this evening. There was some severe weather in the area which no doubt affected the low attendance. At six when class started, I was one of only two students who showed. We were to go over cover letters we’d written this week and Ms. Hart said we would just go over both of ours and be done with class. I was expecting to be out before seven and sent Dad a text message to that effect. By 6:30, a bunch of other people showed up. Class dragged on until 7:40 when we took a break. I didn’t want dad to wait any longer so I left at the break.Dad dropped me off uptown shortly after eight. I sat in PJ’s for a little while until it was time for ballroom this evening. This was the third week of west coast swing and there was not much new material so I think I handled things pretty well. Afterward we got everyone together for a group picture. I brought my camera and tripod to take it. Unfortunately I thought it turned out rather poorly as the pictures were rather underexposed.

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