The Death of Spring and Celebrities

This is probably the first post in quite sometime that isn’t the summary to some outing. I figured I would write an entry before the weekend to mention a couple things.Work has been droning on as normal with a little dose of melodrama. A couple weeks ago we started opening the office on Mondays with doctor’s hours which generally is working out so far and is relieving the patient load on Wednesdays. Yesterday was the first full eight hour day I’ve worked in a while. Dad and I left the house earlier than usual so he could take Mom to the airport. She is going to Florida for a few days to visit her sister.Over the last couple weeks, spring came to an abrupt end with increasingly hot temperatures. Yesterday was the hottest day on record ever in New Orleans with temperatures reaching 104 degrees. This morning, Dad took me to Moldaner’s Camera on Maple Street to pick up some film I dropped off last Friday. I had a roll of black and white film I shot years ago developed and I had some film negatives from my high school graduation scanned. Afterward we had lunch at Camellia Grill. I had an omlette and dad had hot sausage on bun. Later this evening after work I fooled with my “new” pictures and watched Deconstructing Harry.Today also completed another unfortunate celebrity death trifecta. Ed McMahon died earlier this week and then today, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson passed away. The first two were not exactly surprising but the death of the king of pop was pretty shocking to me… maybe just because I never really followed him. In any event, I suspect the media circus that started today and will no doubt continue is going to be more depressing than his death.

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