City Zoo and DJ Soul Sister

On Saturday evening, I met Andrey, Patrick and David at the Woodward Loft Apartments. Jeff was home for the weekend and happened to be going out so he offered a ride. Apparently this was a birthday party for somebody. The only connection any of us had to anyone there was that Andrey was very loosely acquainted with the drummer in one of the two local bands that was performing. The bands were interesting if nothing else and there was all the beer you could drink for five bucks.After an hour or so at the rooftop party we drove to a little place called Mimi’s in the Marigny where DJ Soul Sister who has gigs there regularly and specializes in “deep funk and rare grooves.” The music was quite good but I was up to attempting to dance. I think we were there for an hour and half before heading out. Afterward we made the traditional Rally’s run and went to Andrey’s house. At some point the conversation necessitated we watch American Pie although we weren’t there long enough to see all of it… pity.

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