Extended Weekend

Some days of this past week deserved their own entries but I have decided to summarize my recent change of scenery with this one entry. I am writing this log entry from the lounge car of an Amtrak train on my way back to New Orleans after a few days in Ruston. A few days ago, Krystle told me she had a chance to come down to New Orleans with a new roommate and asked if I might like coming back up to Ruston for a few days. As I already had a three day weekend and a couple more days off would be no big problem, a change of scenery was appealing.She arrived on Wednesday night. I was trying to unclog the bathroom sink when she arrived and couldn’t have looked presentable. Later that night we watched Changling on my newly-purchased Pioneer Blu-ray player. It works well but it’s painfully slow compared to the PS3.We left for Ruston the next day. We stopped at IHOP on the way out of town. I suspect that destination is in danger of becoming a tradition. If I remember right, we had dinner at Ponchatoula’s that evening.The week kind of blends together although I can easily recall individual events. One of the days I was there, we had lunch with Krystle’s roommates, Sabrina and Jose. Later that day we drove to Monroe to go to Best Buy. Another evening, Krystle and I went to see Public Enemy. IT was a well crafted film but I found the handheld cinematography rather distracting as it was a period piece.The evening of the fourth, we drove out to Pea Ridge where some relatives and friends of Krystle’s folks were celebrating Independence Day with plenty of booze and explosives. We were there for an hour or two before we decided we had seen enough fireworks.On Monday we went out to Monroe in the afternoon. We just needed to get out of the house and I wanted to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy a clock. Krystle’s roommate Jose had a rather interesting wall clock that I just had to have. When we got there we stopped at a new sushi place for something to eat. After a late lunch we did our shopping and I found the clock I was looking for.Krystle and I left this morning to head to Jackson. Rather than have her drive me all the way to New Orleans, I just caught the train to go the second half of the way. The trip was not unpleasant although I the run from Jackson to New Orleans can be done in half the time by car.

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