Fast & Furious

General’s chicken from Five Happiness was the high point of the workday. Later in the afternoon I got a message from Andrey inviting me to join a bunch of friends to see Fast & Furious. I knew the movie was not worth my money but it was still more appealing than staying home.I called a cab to meet Andrey uptown and ended up waiting for him at the Popeye’s on Carrollton. He picked me up from there and we drove to the Elmwood palace theater. Veronica, David and Kerry were with him. We arrived at the theater around nine, a half hours before the previews started. I probably shouldn’t have been but I was surprised to see how crowded the theater was, even though this was opening night. The showing must have been sold out. After we arrived we were joined by a few more of Andrey’s friends who I am not acquainted with.As for the movie itself, the consensus of reviews are correct. It’s got fast cars, explosions, hot chicks and a pathetic excuse for a plot. It was marginally entertaining, even if it had absolutely no regard for the laws of physics.After the movie they drove back to Tulane and I caught a cab home from there. I got home after 11 and talked to Krystle on the phone before bed.

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