Bucktown All-Stars

Tuesday went by just fine. Yesterday evening’s ethics class went well, although Mr. Greenberg did not collect the homework because he did not recall assigning it.There was no class today. I left the office at 4:30 to take the streetcar downtown for the first Wednesday at the Square concert of 2009. It was my first time riding the red Canal Street cars since Katrina. I made it to Lafayette Square before the music started this evening. As I was looking around I saw Nicole, who I met a couple weeks ago at the BSG meetup.I brought my camera with me to get some pictures. The opening act this evening was the Soul Rebels Brass Band. I’m sure I’ve seen them before although I don’t recall when. They put on a nice show and the crowd seemed to like it. As they were wrapping up I got something to eat and tried my hand at photographing the crowd. New Orleans Saints’ mascot “Gumbo” was mingling with people.Later on after six, the main event started. The Bucktown All-Stars, a nine-member ensemble put on a lively performance. Unfortunately I only saw about a half hour of it before my ride arrived. The band was very engaging and easy to photograph.Later this evening I spent a good deal of time looking through my pictures. As usual, taking the pictures was much more fun than combing through the results. It was overcast this afternoon so my F/4 telephoto lens didn’t have quite enough light to work with. I bumped my camera up to ISO 800 but it wasn’t enough for viable handheld speeds so a lot my pictures were a bit blurry. I ended up keeping 59 of the 633 I took. Later this evening after I had my pictures online and spoke to Krystle on the phone and watched 28 Days Later.

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