This afternoon, I went out with Mom and Andrew to visit Aunt Doris and Aunt Dionne in Metairie. My folks never visited them for Christmas so we finally brought their gifts to them. After visiting with Aunt Doris we went over to Aunt Dionne’s house. They are in the middle of some home renovations. They are adding a laundry room to the back of the house to replace a shed they were using.This evening I met Andrey and Patrick at d.b.a. for a night out precipitated by Patrick’s recent change in availability. I arrived earlier than them and got to talking to an older lady there. My friend arrived at about 10:15 and Little Freddie King started his set not long after that.Later we left d.b.a. and went down the street a bit to Yuki Izakaya for a bottle of sake and some of their food offerings. I think we ordered a bottle of Akitabare “Koshiki Junzukuri” but I’m not sure. Andrey had to drive so I think Patrick and I drank most of it. We also sampled some of their small portioned food items like edamame, onigiri, kimchi and something else I’m sure I wouldn’t have tried were it not for the adult beverages… it was grilled, and green.If I remember right we left there sometime after midnight, maybe closer to one. We went back to Andrey’s house, stopping at Rally’s for the traditional fries and a coke. We also picked up David from his house. After hanging out there for about an hour I called a cab at about two to go home.

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