Easter Break

Between skipping class on Monday and the Easter break this past weekend, the work week was a short one for me. We didn’t go to the office on Monday as Dad had things to work on at home. Tuesday was rather normal.After a nice break from my writing class I returned for the Wednesday session after the class watched the movie Network over two days. As I reluctantly suspected, the discussion of the movie completely overlooked the film’s significance and instead focused on character relationships rather than the prophetic nature of the screenplay.Thursday’s business law class was a continuation of the discussion of contracts. There were about a dozen people on hand for the second week on Rumba this evening. A lot of them were a bit late so the crowd seemed pretty thin at nine. Afterward I ended up sharing a cab again when I was picked up by a cabbie who already had a fare.The office was closed for Good Friday so I was at home all day. The lens I rented for the French Quarter Festival arrived today so I got to play with it for a while. Saturday evening, I drained my waterbed to fix a supporting board that fell over. The same thing happened last September. This time I braced it hoping to prevent the issue in the future. Patrick invited me to go out that evening but I was still working on it when he called.After church on Sunday, I watched the final round of the Masters Tournament for no particular reason. On Monday, we again didn’t go to the office. I was still on break for Easter so there was no class. This afternoon I had my car towed to a repair shop as it had been marked as abandoned. That evening I watched Battle of Britain.

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