Back to School

After a quiet weekend of playing Fallout 3 and updating the VAIO wallpaper page, I started school again on Monday. I’m only taking three classes this term, but one of them meets twice weekly. On Monday I went to the first session of expository writing with Mike Griffth. This is a class required for my major and I was not looking forward to it. What I read about the instructor was unflattering and it was immediately apparent to me that what I read was accurate. After digressing at length about the nature of the class and the writing it entails, he assigned a non-graded writing assignment about a life-changing epiphany. Later that evening, I watched the second two hours of the new season of 24.I got a hair cut this morning before heading to the office today. I didn’t have much to do at work and performed an LCD transplant on an old Thinkpad I’ve been working on. This evening’s class was Ethical Issues in Media with Paul Greenberg. I had a class with him last semester which I enjoyed so I figured it was a safe bet. After discussing the class there was a short lecture on ethics in general. Later this evening I watched Fail-Safe.

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