Change of Scenery

After Christmas, I took a little vacation of sorts through New Year’s Eve. Consequently, I wasn’t paying attention to this log so this single entry will cover that time period.Krystle drove down to New Orleans to pick me up the day after Christmas. She considered making the return trip to Ruston the same day but decided against it. That evening we had dinner at the Ground Pati on the westbank. The next day we made the five hour drive to Ruston. It was largely uneventful although there was heavy rain in the final stretch.I was in Ruston for a solid week. It would be difficult to detail each day as they sort of blended together although I could probably make a good effort by looking at all my receipts. There isn’t much to do in Ruston so we spent a lot of time watching movies. I brought some Netflix DVDs with me, we went to the local theater three times and we bought a movie Krystle wanted to watch, Death Race. At the theater we saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which I enjoyed, Yes Man and Valkyrie, which was not as bad as the negative hype suggested. We also went out for dinner almost every night. There isn’t much to pick from aside from a couple chains, however. We spent a lot of time at Chili’s. We visited Krystle’s parent’s house a couple times for various reasons. I taught her to play chess with no difficulty. The evening of New Year’s Eve, Krystle and I went with her little brother Jacob to meet some of her extended family that have a little property in what looks like the middle of nowhere. There was a bonfire and lots of people and fireworks. We only stayed for an hour or so because Jacob wanted to leave early. We spent the rest of the evening at Krystle’s apartment.We drove back to New Orleans on Saturday afternoon. We stopped in Monroe to get some lunch and tried for a second time to go to a sushi place called Samurai, but we were thwarted by their odd hours. We went to the Olive Garden instead. The drive back was considerably less pleasant. It rained through the better part of Mississippi and Louisiana. There was a reprieve from the rain around Brookhaven, where we stopped to visit Bianca. We were there for an hour or so. Bianca seems to be doing well and her dog has grown considerably since I was last there about five months ago. We met a friend of hers while there, Raymond, a retired chef. Bianca has spoken highly of him in the past and he seems like a nice guy.On Sunday, Krystle and I got a muffuletta from DiMartino’s before she headed back to Ruston.I didn’t go to work on Monday because Dad was tied up throughout the day, both with a doctor’s appointment for Andrew and work in Mid City. I was at work on Tuesday although we were out of the office for a while in the afternoon. I met with my student advisor at Tulane, Paul Greenberg to discuss the remaining requirements for my bachelor’s degree. I was pleasantly surprised to find how close I am to graduating. I still have to take an expository writing class and complete an internship in my final semester. I also want to complete a 400+ level history course to finish off my minor.

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