Thanksgiving Break

Regrettably, I’ve let another couple weeks go by without a log entry, skipping Thanksgiving and some of the lead out of the Fall semester. Jeff was in town for Thanksgiving and we had a nice meal at home. Later that evening we went over Aunt Doris’s house to visit some family.This past weekend I got out of the house on Saturday to go to dinner and a movie with Andrey, Patrick and David. Dad gave me a ride to David’s house and we drove out to Metairie and met up with Andrey and Patrick. It took a bit longer than it should have but we decided on the Sake Cafe on Veterans Blvd. I can’t remember the name of the dish I had but it was decent. I also had some sushi, something I enjoy but have only had a few times. It’s not the sort of food I would want to get from just anywhere.After dinner we went out to the Palace Theater in Elmwood to see Transporter 3, which quite frankly was pretty bad.I had work and class last Monday and Tuesday which was rather uneventful. This week was the first time in a while that I’ve been at the office at closing time on a Wednesday. Wednesday’s class went long as there was a lengthy review for the exam.Thursday’s final journalism class was about ethics. There was a small camera crew set up in the back of the classroom shooting footage for an upcoming school commercial. We received our final assignment, 850 words reviewing one of four online news websites.After class I went to McAlister Auditorium where Tulane’s orchestra and concert band performed this evening. I had my camera with me and shot some pictures with limited success. Performances included a rendition of “Peter and the Wolf” by the woodwind quintet and works by Bizet, Holst, Schubert, Sibelius and Saint Saens.There was a light crowd for the final session of ballroom dancing later that night. I couldn’t call the second hand of the semester a successful learning experience as I was still having trouble with the steps at the end. It continues to be an enjoyable diversion, however.This past weekend, I spent time working on a final project for advertizing class which required me to create a marketing plan for reusable cloth diapers. It wasn’t until late Sunday night when I remembered the project due Monday was for Louisiana politics class and I hadn’t started on that yet.I wasn’t at work this afternoon all that long. We were late arriving and I took the 3:40 shuttle to campus so I could go to the library to get a book or two for the Louisiana politics paper I need to write.The exam this evening was a short and simple affair. One student brought jambalaya as part of a special project. The professor was very understanding about the paper so I have a couple days to finish it.

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