Introduction to Advertising

The Zune 3.0 Software/Firmware update was released today and I got it all installed this morning before leaving for work. It was a smooth process and adds a lot of interesting new features like browsing the Zune marketplace wirelessly on the device and support for games.I don’t remember much of anything from work this afternoon. I caught the 4:40 shuttle to campus. Tonight was my first class for Introduction to Advertising. I dropped a Photoshop class last week and this is the replacement. I had to call the professor, Richard Reso, prior to the class as they had been dropped from their room assignment and I had not heard about the new one.Although apparently eight including myself are registered for the class, there were only three fellow students present. I recognized two of them from classes gone by. Tonight’s lecture was about some of the reasons advertising exists and the cultural and economic climate that allows it to be fruitful. The lecture wasn’t boring but it was a bit longer than it needed to be with a substantial quantity of personal anecdotes worked in. Such tangents are forgivable in the case of this class as all of us are bombarded by advertisements daily so nobody is a stranger to it.Class was dismissed at 8:15. Dad was hanging around to pick me up. Later this evening I started watching a movie before Krystle called.

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