Grazed by Ike

This weekend was rather uneventful for me as I didn’t go anywhere outside of work on Friday and church. I watched a number of movies over the weekend and reinstalled Windows on my desktop to solve a nagging problem that a repair install a number of weeks ago did not permanently fix.I was at the office from about one to 4:30 this afternoon. I didn’t have that much to do but I did get some reports in the mail.This evening’s Louisiana Politics class was largely about the history of the state of Louisiana. Having taken a Louisiana History class last semester and a Colonial Louisiana History class the term before that, I didn’t bother to pay that much attention. Class was dismissed at 7:30. I sat in the LBC for a few minutes. An old coworker from the bookstore, Sharon, was there and we spoke for a few minutes while I waited for my ride.Later this evening after I got home I watched 10 Items or Less, an awesome little movie with Morgan Freeman.

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