A League of Ordinary Gentlemen

On the way to work this morning, which took longer than usual due to road work, we saw one of the red Canal Street streetcars being tested. It looks like they are on track to start returning on October.Although I didn’t have much to do at work this afternoon, it became rather annoying after two as we are busy on Wednesdays and things get noisy and cramped. I had Dad bring me to an earlier shuttle so I could take care of something before class but that never ended up happening. I have to get a club sport pass for ballroom this semester the club president hasn’t filed the appropriate paperwork yet.This evening’s finance class was about banks, financial intermediaries and interest rates. Either I haven’t been paying attention or attendance was up considerably from last week. Class was dismissed somewhat mercifully at 8:00. Mom and Dad were at an open house at Andrew school down Freret this evening so Dad was able to pick up up again this evening. While I waited I got something to eat at the LBC. Later this evening, I finished watching A League of Ordinary Gentlemen.

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