Ballroom is Back

I worked from 10:30 to 4:30. I did have some patient reports to proofread but I spend a lot of time working on an assignment for my online journalism class. I started working on it a few days ago. I was having trouble thinking up what to write. The assignment called for me to write a story about myself and I ended up copping out and quoted myself in order to make it work.After I got off the campus shuttle, I stopped at the bookstore and finally bought a small binder to keep my class handouts. This evening’s class was about various news websites. We looked at a variety of online news outlets and a couple of partisan blogs. We discussed the appeal, appearance and content of the various sites.Class was dismissed at about 7:30 so I still had plenty of time before ballroom dancing this evening. With the time to spare I finished the journalism homework, answering questions about one of the news websites. Having already done a similar assignment for my advertising class, it didn’t take very long.As mentioned, Tulane ballroom dancing was back up and running this evening. The turnout was amazing, about 80 people showed up. The Riverside room where we hold lessons was pretty cramped but it worked out all right. If we were to have a crowd that big every week, we’d want a bigger space. The first dance style of the semester is salsa. We went over the basic step and a few other moves this evening. Tammy, the instructor, stared explaining a more complicated move near the end of the session that I didn’t get at all. After it ended at 10, I stuck around for a few minutes. Most of the people who came tonight signed waiver forms which certainly bodes well for attendance next week. I caught a cab home after I left.

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