Another ten days gone by since the last entry. I’ve spent enough time in front of the computer but most of it was devoted to creating my next website. I’ve already commented on it in the site news. The gist of my remarks was that the new website is more practical and simple as far as the code goes, but the appearance still leaves a lot of be desired. As the site Is simpler in structure, it was not especially difficult to make or to make the gallery template.Other than the website, not a great deal has been going on lately. This past weekend, my parents took a weekend vacation in Florida so I had the house to myself. That Sunday evening, Patrick and David came by the house to watch some movies on the plasma TV.I haven’t had a great deal to do at work lately, although I did meet the doctor Dad hired recently. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be working out so well. One day this week, Tuesday I think, Dad and I stopped at the AT&T store and Best Buy on the way home from work. Dad had to replace his phone that took water damage during his vacation. He replaced the RAZR with a BlackBerry Pearl 8120. Earlier that day, I tried his SIM card in my phone that somehow prevented it from booting again. The warrantee expired on my phone two weeks ago but luckily, I was able to reflash my phone and get it working again. Best Buy had a Sony TZ series subnotebook for sale which he bought. I believe it was my first time seeing one of these in person, it’s a beautiful machine.

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