A Week or Two

Although I’ve been neglecting the log for the last two weeks, my website has been very much on the brain of late. Last week I completed another significant update to the VAIO wallpaper page. Over the past five days, I’ve been working on the next version of Mr. B’s Domain. It will be the first redesign of my personal website in five years. I didn’t do it sooner in large part because I didn’t have any better ideas. Although the new site probably won’t be visually superior, there are some other goals I have in mind. It will be bigger to accommodate larger monitors and I’ll be moving from XHTML 1.0 Transitional to Strict. I will also be removing some old stuff and making some small additions.Work over the last few weeks has not been exciting, with a new water cooler at the mid city office being one of the highlights. Dad did hire an additional doctor this week but I haven’t met him yet. Last week, I think, I went out with Andrey, Patrick and David. We went to the Hookah Cafe for a while and later walked to the Blue Nile nearby to hear Vivaz!, a local Latin band that I’ve spoken highly of in this log before. After leaving there to make the Rally’s run, we got pulled over after some right-of-way confusion but nothing came of it. I got a cab home that night from Andrey’s house.Other than that, there just hasn’t been much of circumstance going on. Things are especially quiet at home as my brother Andrew is out of town visiting relatives in Atlanta.

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