The End of Summer (Vacation)

Things have been reasonably quiet as summer vacation draws to a close. Work has been quite uneventful for my duties but we are still seeing plenty of patients. Although I “completed” my website last week, I have continued to work on it. Only this past weekend did I finally come up with a satisfactory color scheme.My brother Jeff was in town this weekend. He flew in from Chicago where he spent the summer as an intern with a construction firm. For reasons I cannot fathom, he is transferring from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor to LSU. He was here to pack and move to an apartment he’ll be living at in Baton Rouge. Mom and Dad went up there with him on Sunday so the house was rather quiet.On Monday, I was at home answering the work phone rather than at the office. Dad bought Jeff a vehicle today and had to go get it taken care of. He bought Jeff a ’97 Mitsubishi Montero. He got a great deal on it and the SUV runs well. The main drawback is that it’s one owner, a relative, is a smoker and the car smells and has stains all over the place.I did go to the office on Tuesday. On the way to work Dad and I stopped at Office Depot to pick up a financial calculator, an HP 12c Platinum, which I will likely make good use of in an upcoming introductory finance course I’m taking in the fall semester. I spent some time at work today learning about how it works as I’ve never used such a calculator before.

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