Introduction to Finance

Dad and I got to work before 11 this morning. There was not a great deal going on at the office today, at least not as long as I was there. I left at 4:30 to catch a shuttle to Tulane this afternoon for my first class of the fall 2008 semester. This evening’s class was Introduction to Finance with Ronald Dyer. There were about 20 other students present in the Boggs building classroom. This evening, the professor went over the syllabus in painful detail and also talked about a running project students will complete over the course of the semester which involves tracking three stocks.Mr. Dyer also held the first regular lecture, more or less, covering the first chapter which covered several topics related to the history of finance. Overall I get the feeling this class will be tolerable, but not particularly interesting. The material does interest me however, so I am hoping for improvement.Class was dismissed at 7:30 and I waited a half hour in the LBC for Dad to pick me up. He was working late at the office.Later this evening, I watched an episode of Architecture School with Mom. The show features students from Tulane University here in New Orleans. Later watched some of the democrat convention. I caught most of Joe Biden’s speech but I had a headache and ended up going to sleep early.

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