July 2008

Long Weekend

I took a short trip to Ruston for a long weekend over the past few days. I left work early Thursday afternoon at about three. Krystle and her mother picked me up from the office to head up to Ruston. On Friday, Krystle and I had lunch with Khadijah at Applebee’s and later saw the 9:45 showing The Dark Knight.On Saturday afternoon, I went with Krystle to meet some of her friends at a Mexican restaurant until Khadijah picked me up so we could go to dinner. We went to a place called Cicero’s that wasn’t bad. After dinner we went back to her house and talked for a while before I got back to Krystle’s place at ten. On Sunday, Krystle and didn’t really do much or go anywhere, although a short trip to get butter for a dinner dish turned into an unnecessarily melodramatic mess of a fender bender. Ultimately, dinner was pretty damn good. Krystle cooked steak. Krystle and Drove back to New Orleans on Monday. We left after one in the afternoon. We stopped for lunch at the Olive Garden in Monroe. We stopped again in Brookhaven, Mississippi to visit Bianca for a couple hours. She cooked dinner for us and we talked until we left at about 7:30 to go the rest of the way home. We got home at about 9:30.Before Krystle left to head home on Tuesday, we stopped for lunch at Liuzza’s. Dad asked us to stop for something at Rouses before I was dropped off at the office. That evening after dinner, I went out with Andrey, Patrick and David to Nine Roses again. I wasn’t really hungry but I ordered some sweet and sour pork anyway.The rest of this week has been pretty uneventful. I don’t have much to do at work. I’ve spent some free time with my VAIO Picturebook. I finally got a CD drive for it so I was able to install Windows XP. It runs well enough but a lot of the Sony-specific functions still don’t work after considerable prodding so I’m going to try and get some recovery CDs.

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Louisiana Bistro

Very little went on Monday and Tuesday so I can largely ignore it. I did hear back from the guy I bought the external DVD drive from and it is going to be resent. Next week I’ll actually be able to play with my Picturebook.After work on Wednesday, I met Krystle and her mom for dinner at Louisiana Bistro on Dauphine in the Quarter. The both arrived in New Orleans yesterday for a short visit. It’s a rather small place with no more than 12 tables, but the food is very good. I had a grilled pork chop dish with crawfish etouffee. Before that I had a bowl of their gumbo which was okay but it had too much file in it.After dinner we wandered around the Quarter for a while before they went back to the hotel. I got a cab home before ten and spent the evening watching TV and packing for a trip tomorrow.

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July So Far

With not much going on this week, or last week I guess, I wasn’t included to post anything. Aside from work I spent a lot of spare time in front of my computer. Last week, I spent a good deal of time searching and subsequently made a major update to my VAIO wallpapers page. I won an AR series Sony VAIO laptop on eBay this week that I intended to sell if I won it. It looks like I may sell it to my little brother at cost rather than bother to list it on eBay to make some money. It came in the mail this week and I spent some time fooling with it. It’s a huge machine with a 17 inch widescreen monitor.On Saturday, Mom, Dad and Andrew drove out to Baton Rouge to visit Jeff who is there for LSU orientation. That night, I went out to Frenchman Street. The cabbie that picked me up was a familiar face that I’ve seen times before, Elliot Flood III, #146. Unlike most United drivers, he works the west bank frequently. I met Andrey, David and Patrick at the Hookah Cafe and were there for a couple hours. We went to d.b.a. for a little while after that. I think we left there at about one, at which time I was tired. We stopped at Rally’s and then Andrey’s house for a short while. I called a cab from there and arrived home some time before three.On Sunday, the auctions I listed last weekend ended so I spent some time getting those items ready to ship. I spent most of the afternoon assembling a new computer from spare parts in my closet with the general intention of building a file server. Unfortunately I don’t have a spare PCI express video card and the power supply I have on hand doesn’t have SATA power connectors so I’ll have to spend a few bucks before I have another working computer.

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