Louisiana Bistro

Very little went on Monday and Tuesday so I can largely ignore it. I did hear back from the guy I bought the external DVD drive from and it is going to be resent. Next week I’ll actually be able to play with my Picturebook.After work on Wednesday, I met Krystle and her mom for dinner at Louisiana Bistro on Dauphine in the Quarter. The both arrived in New Orleans yesterday for a short visit. It’s a rather small place with no more than 12 tables, but the food is very good. I had a grilled pork chop dish with crawfish etouffee. Before that I had a bowl of their gumbo which was okay but it had too much file in it.After dinner we wandered around the Quarter for a while before they went back to the hotel. I got a cab home before ten and spent the evening watching TV and packing for a trip tomorrow.

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