July So Far

With not much going on this week, or last week I guess, I wasn’t included to post anything. Aside from work I spent a lot of spare time in front of my computer. Last week, I spent a good deal of time searching and subsequently made a major update to my VAIO wallpapers page. I won an AR series Sony VAIO laptop on eBay this week that I intended to sell if I won it. It looks like I may sell it to my little brother at cost rather than bother to list it on eBay to make some money. It came in the mail this week and I spent some time fooling with it. It’s a huge machine with a 17 inch widescreen monitor.On Saturday, Mom, Dad and Andrew drove out to Baton Rouge to visit Jeff who is there for LSU orientation. That night, I went out to Frenchman Street. The cabbie that picked me up was a familiar face that I’ve seen times before, Elliot Flood III, #146. Unlike most United drivers, he works the west bank frequently. I met Andrey, David and Patrick at the Hookah Cafe and were there for a couple hours. We went to d.b.a. for a little while after that. I think we left there at about one, at which time I was tired. We stopped at Rally’s and then Andrey’s house for a short while. I called a cab from there and arrived home some time before three.On Sunday, the auctions I listed last weekend ended so I spent some time getting those items ready to ship. I spent most of the afternoon assembling a new computer from spare parts in my closet with the general intention of building a file server. Unfortunately I don’t have a spare PCI express video card and the power supply I have on hand doesn’t have SATA power connectors so I’ll have to spend a few bucks before I have another working computer.

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