Louisiana Tech Commencement – 2008

Shortly after one this afternoon, Krystle and I went over to the Thomas Assembly Center where Louisiana Tech’s graduation ceremony was to take place at two. I wasn’t sure when the doors were to open but it clearly wasn’t one o’clock as most of the good seats were occupied when we arrived. We eventually got pretty lucky and found some seats with a good view, but as the venue is a basketball stadium, we were pretty far back, which did not bode well for my photo aspirations.The ceremony itself wasn’t too bad considering the large number of students receiving degrees. There was a comparable minimum of crap prior to the presentation of the degrees. There were a couple award presentations for people other than students and a speech by local congressman Rodney Alexander. I remember him talking about politics but not much else. The presentation of degrees went smoothly and looked like just about any other graduation. There were about 500 graduates though so it did take a while. In addition to Bianca, I recognized a couple other graduates like Sara Shafer and Joy from high school. I tried to take pictures of them, a couple of Krystle’s friends as well as the daughter of a gentleman I was sitting next to that caught sight of my big camera.After the ceremony I met with Bianca and her family. About a dozen relatives made the trip to Ruston for her graduation. At about the same time Krystle met up with her friend Kristin, who I first met yesterday. Her family posed for several pictures.I didn’t want to impose on her family this evening so Krystle and I went out to dinner this evening. We went to a place down town called Ponchatoula�s. It’s an interesting little college hangout, especially if sorority waitresses are your thing. The food had potential but the stuff I ordered was a bit flawed. While they got the fried food right, the etoufee was too thick and the file gumbo was far too salty.After dinner we drove out to Krystle’s parent’s house to visit for a little while. I had not met them before. Long story short, she has a very colorful family. Later that evening we continued watching Citizen Kane.

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