To Ruston

Krystle and I left the house to leave for Ruston shortly after 11 this morning, later than I would have liked. We stopped for “breakfast” at IHOP at the end of DeGaulle. I had the banana caramel stuffed French toast and Krystle had something similar with strawberries. After eating, we made our way Ruston. We stopped once for gas and beef jerky just after Jackson, Mississippi.We finally arrived in Ruston at about six. Krystle arranged to meet some friends earlier in the day and since we were arriving late we didn’t waste much time going out for dinner. We met up with three of her friends, Kristin, Aaron and Jessica at one of their houses and eventually decided to go to Applebee’s for dinner. Apparently their menu has changed much since I was there last, quite some time ago, and I had trouble finding something I thought I’d like. I ended up with just a hamburger.After dinner we went to the movies and saw Made of Honor, mostly because guys were outnumbered 3-2. Suffice it to say, it was not one of the better movies I’ve seen.Krystle and I went back to her place afterward and watched the better part of Citizen Kane.

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