Today was my 24th birthday. They are sucking less these days. Krystle and I had lunch at a restaurant called Old Mexico. After lunch we went to Wal-Mart to pick up some cake mix. Krystle called her mom while we were there who told her that a cake was already in the oven. I got a call from Bianca. Her mom wanted me to buy an SD card to and put all the pictures I took of her on it. I also decided to pick up a multi-card reader so I’ll be able to read compactflash cards on the road in the future. Getting the pictures directly off my camera yesterday was torturously slow.Afterward, we went to Krystle’s parent’s house for dinner. We were there visiting for a few hours. Her little brother Jacob was there, who I hadn’t met yesterday. While we were there we took Jacob for a ride to his aunt Dorothy’s house, whom I also had not met yesterday. Krystle’s mom, Shalaine, grilled some things for dinner, all of which were pretty good.After eight, we drove over to Bianca’s house at her invitation, mostly to hang out for a while. Her boyfriend, Roy, was there as well. We’ve spoken briefly on the phone a couple times but this was my first time meeting him. We talked for a while about a number of things. They bought me a birthday cake with magic relight candles and we watched a movie, Untracable. Later on we went for a whort walk with their dogs, Kyle and Kozuma. We went home not long after one.

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