Krystle and I had lunch at the Dawg House this afternoon. When I was staying here after Katrina I went there a few times. The bar was moved since the last time I was there. Yesyerday, Krystle’s mom recommended the steak here so I decided to give it a try, having already had more than a couple burgers here. I wouldn’t have guessed it but the steak was actually quite good. I was a bit careless in cutting it and got some steak sauce on Krystle’s shirt.Krystle had a three o’clock meeting with the dean of liberal arts at tech today so the better part of the morning was related to that. We had to stop in a computer lab in Wyly tower and then the elementary school her mom works at. Apparently the meeting went pretty well but she didn’t get the final result she wanted.After a stop back home, we drove out to Monroe to go to the mall there and dinner. We browsed the mall for a couple hours. I bought a couple shirts and a game for my Nintendo DS. After shopping we went to dinner and Olive Garden. We both had a dish with shrimp and ravioli, which was quite decent.We stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home because Krystle needed laundry and dishwasher detergent. Later that evening we watched game seven of the Hornets/Spurs series. Unfortunately the Hornets didn’t have it tonight. Later on we watched Fargo. Krystle was too annoyed by the funny accents to enjoy the movie.

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