The week thus far hasn’t been especially eventful. Monday’s class was exceptionally boring. If I remember right, the workday Tuesday was short. I brought back the Panasonic flip clock to the office after ‘fixing’ the motor with a shot of WD-40. Last night’s pirate societies class featured the first of three pirate trials. The class had good reason to suspect the first group was woefully unprepared but they managed to pull off an entertaining performance. After class I saw the final three innings of the Tulane/Southeastern Louisiana baseball game. Apparently I missed most of the action. Taylor Richard pitched a great game this evening, the first seven innings.I worked from 11 to 3:30 on Wednesday. This afternoon’s weather and climate class covered chapters 12 and 13, covering weather forecasting and air pollution respectively. After class I walked over to the LBC to wait for Dad to pick me up. He was still at of the office, and remained there for another hour before I got a ride.

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