Second Last Dance

I worked on getting stuff ready to mail out at work this afternoon. In small group communications class this afternoon, we discussed the final project. I brought up my trouble getting a group together. My call for volunteers to meet at a restaurant for my project turned into six or seven students with the same problem. Ms. Ebel eventually decided to turn next week’s class into an opportunity for us folks to record our final discussions.I left class a bit early to go to Freeman Auditorium to see Harry Benson speak at an event, part of Canon’s Explorer’s of Light program. Mr. Benson is a photojournalist who’s been in the business for quite a long time, having photographed every president since Eisenhower. He ran a slide show of his work over the decades. I confess I was not really familiar with his work, although having not read Life magazine I am at a disadvantage. After his hour-long presentation, he took questions from the audience for about 45 minutes. I asked him what differentiates a good photographer from a great photographer. His answer: the photographs.I left there at about 8:45 and walked to Reily for ballroom this evening. Tonight was the last session of the semester. Turnout was a little better than last week. The hour was spent reviewing steps from previous weeks, and we didn’t even get as far as last week. It was a lot of fun even though my dancing was pretty lousy. Ellie took pictures through the evening and at the end the group posed for a couple shots. Afterward I got a cab home and I talked to Krystle for a little while before bed.

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