French Quarter Festival Finale

I had lofty goals about getting up at a decent hour this morning and get out to the quarter before the first performance of the day started. I woke up at 10 instead. Even so, it didn’t take me too long to get ready and I didn’t have to wait all that long for the cab to arrive. I made it to the Jackson Square at about 11:20, not much later than my plans.There was not a cloud in the sky today but it was cool outside and windy at times. The crowds were even more massive than Saturday. I avoided the riverfront at times because you could barely move.The first act of the day on the Jackson Square stage was local clarinet player Tim Laughlin. I can’t recall the names of the musicians playing with him but they were mostly familiar faces. I was able to get right up front to shoot pictures.The long set was divided by a break. I took the opportunity get something to eat and eventually decided on the “french quarter pasta.” After I finished eating I sort of wandered around for the rest of the afternoon, I didn’t hang around one place for any extended periods. The pictures I shot to day pretty well reflect where I was. I was interested in what was going on at the international stage on Bourbon that featured band outside the United States so I saw the Liberty Hall Stompers and KBR there.I started making my way home at about six as my feet were pretty tired by then. Sunday evening was similar to Saturday in that I spend time watching TV and sorting the day’s pictures.

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