Two Wins Versus the Demons

Dad and I left the office at about 2:30 this afternoon. Dad went to the baseball game this afternoon but I wanted to study for a test this afternoon so I went to the LBC for a while. While I was there I saw Patrick who finally returned the spare cell phone battery I lent him a couple weeks ago.I didn’t feel that the studying helped my weather and climate test this afternoon, I might have bombed it, even though it’s a multiple choice test. I guess I’ll find out how good of a guesser I am. After I finished I walked over to Turchin to catch the rest of the ball game. On the way I ran into Patrick again who obviously wasn’t busy and came to the baseball game with me. When we arrived about halfway through the game the score was 10-8 or something ridiculous. Apparently today’s match closely resembled a tee-ball game. Tulane pulled ahead in later innings and won the game 18-11.Later that evening after getting home I got some clothes put away, finished watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s and caught up on my log before bed.

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