Pirate’s Midterm

I spent the “work day” studying for an upcoming midterm. We left the office not long after five this evening. The pirate societies midterm this evening consisted of ten identifications and three essay questions. Studying really helped me with the IDs but I had a lot of trouble with the essays. I was able to get stuff down for two of them but I was completely lost on the first one which will do me no favors.I finished the exam in just under an hour. I walked to Turchin Stadium where the baseball game versus the Northwestern State Demons was well underway. It was about the fifth inning and the game was Tulane had a 1-0 lead. Northwestern scored a run of their own in the seventh. Tulane answered in the bottom of the eighth with two more runs to take the lead.In the top of the ninth, Tulane got two of the three outs needed to win the game before Northwestern’s Mike Jaworski hit a two run homer to tie the game. Tulane failed to score a run in the bottom half and the game went to extra innings. Dad wanted to get home so we left after nine. We listened to the rest of the game on the way home. Tulane managed to come away with a win in the 11th inning.

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