Study Areas

Dad and I arrived at the office at 10:30 this afternoon. To be honest, I spent a lot more time trying to convince myself to get work done than actually working. Dad and I left the office just after five and he drove me to campus for class this evening.Tonight’s small group communications class was largely a demonstration of how our first group discussions would go. Starting next week, each student will lead a four person small group discussion which will seek to come up with solutions for whatever problem a student chooses to raise. There was an example problem tonight and I volunteered to be one of the participants. Unlike our upcoming discussions, the instructor frequently interjected with advice and pieces of information. The problem was “what kind of improvements can be made to the study options for UC students on Tulane’s campus.” I thought this was a non-issue myself as there are numerous places one can study in quiet on campus. When I said so I kind of stalled the discussion for about a half hour as Ms. Ebel went on to talk about how a group leader would deal with a person who did not even agree the problem exists, as if I was some sort of troublemaker. Just the same, the class was somewhat entertaining even though the topic presented was rubbish.Class ended late at 8:20 so there wasn’t a great deal of time between class and ballroom at nine. I walked across campus to the Willow computer lab and stayed there for a short while and typed yesterday’s log entry.Including myself, there were only 12 people at ballroom this evening, six guys and six girls. Aside from the introduction of one new move ten minutes before the end of the hour-long session, it was all review of the past few weeks, which I always need. At the end I was totally lost because I just couldn’t convince my boy to cross my legs and walk forward like the move required.Afterward, Andrey told me there was a chance he and some friends would be going out later. I didn’t have anything better to do so I walked down to the LBC, deposited my paycheck t the ATM and sat down upstairs with my laptop and typed these very words. At 10:50 Andrey called and said nothing would be going on this evening so I called a cab and went home.

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