Krystle was heading back to Ruston today but she wasn’t ready to leave before Dad wanted to head to the office so he left without me and Krystle dropped me a work on her way home. I arrived at the office sometime around 11:30. Dad had the jumpdrive with him so I had trouble getting much work done this afternoon. Ultimately I ended up not being there that long anyway since I left to catch the 3:40 shuttle to campus.This afternoon’s weather and climate class covered chapter five which largely dealt with clouds. A good portion of time in the latter half of class was spent going over what would be on next week’s exam. The quickly instructor went through all the PowerPoint slides from the previous chapters which was rather tedious. At the end of class there was a qui on chapters three and four, which I had not studied much since I was doing other things this past long weekend. I’m not sure how well I did, which is unusual for me.Dad picked me up from campus a short while after class ended. That evening I watched TV and sorted though the Mardi Gras pictures I took. Before turning in for the night I got a few of them on the website.

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