Mid Week

This past Saturday, I went with Dad to visit Grandma Janet at the hospital. She has been rather ill of late. We were there until about one o’clock. Afterward we went over to Tulane to see their basketball team play Houston at two. Overall the game was a sloppy effort on Tulane’s part. They lost 66-56. The following Sunday was pretty dull.Monday’s history in everyday life class was a bit dull and exceptionally long. The lecture was about historic preservation, a subject the professor has intimate knowledge. During class I spoke with Patrick online about getting dinner after class. Unfortunately we got a late start since class didn’t end until 8:30. After class I met Patrick at the LBC. We walked to Felipe’s and picked up Sona and Andrey along the way. We were there until ten, enjoying our Mexican food and talking about cars, politics and movies.It was dark and wet outside on Tuesday. During work I got a call informing me tonight’s class was cancelled because the professor had the flu. After work Dad and I stopped at Wal-Mart.Today was not especially interesting either. After work I went to campus for a test in my weather and climate class. There was just a test this afternoon that only took me 15 minutes. Later on I got a ride home from Mom who was leaving work not too long after I finished.

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