First Discussion Groups

Dad had places to be so the quiet office was just occupied by Chander and myself today. I got some work done in the early afternoon but was later hampered by a headache. Since Dad never returned to Mid City, Chander gave me a ride to campus after we left for the day at five.The group discussion which I described in last Thursday’s post started today. There were six “eight minute” discussions, four of which I participated in. The subjects I was involved with were increasing access to online classes, increasing security for Tulane students, making textbooks available for less money and improving students’ ability to manage their time. Throughout all the discussions Ms. Ebel frequently stopped the discussion to provide insight or advice, which drew out 45 minutes of discussions out to the full 2.5 hours. After class was dismissed I walked to the Willow lab to wait around for a little while before ballroom this evening.Attendance was a bit light this evening but certainly better than last week. The session was mostly a review of past weeks. There was one new move which involved the man twisting around which I completely did not get.Later in the evening, Andrey, Patrick, David and myself ended up at Patrick’s house to more or less wait for Andrey’s 21st birthday to ‘officially’ begin. With the exception of Patrick who was trying to get some homework done, we played a couple card games and had a few vodka shots at midnight. Later in the evening we went to the rat to get something to eat to go along with the earlier beverages. I got a cab home not long after two.

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