Lazy Post

After class on both Tuesday and Wednesday, I went to Tulane baseball games versus Southeastern Louisiana and the University of Louisiana-Lafayette respectively. It was exceptionally cold on Tuesday and a comedy of errors led the game into extra innings. Tulane managed to pull out a win 4-3 after 12 innings but we left after the 11th. Tulane dominated ULL on Wednesday 10-1. It wasn’t windy that day so the cold was much more tolerable. Over the last two nights I finished watching Gone with the Wind and saw Heat.Dad and I arrived at the office after 11 this afternoon. Dad drove me to campus at about 4:30 because he had to stop by the ticket office. As I was walking to the LBC I ran into Patrick who was apparently wandering aimlessly. He was at the LBC with me for a little while before venturing off.This evening’s small group communications class was the third and hopefully final week of first group discussions. I did mine third this evening. My topic was increasing attendance at Tulane football games. Generally my turn went pretty well although apparently I still say “um” a lot when addressing a group. That was a recurring problem in my last speech class but I improved in it.After class I walked to Willow lab to wait for a little while before ballroom this evening. This evening’s session was the second week of waltz. I was able to pick up on the steps pretty well tonight, at least until Tammy rearranged us into a circle and I totally forgot what I was supposed to do.Afterward, I stuck around for intermediate east coast swing lessons which started tonight at 10. Including myself there were about 12 people remaining. Swing was the dance style I started with when I first joined ballroom, so the basic steps were familiar to me. It was a lot of fun although I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. It would be nice if I could keep up at this level but I would quickly become an annoyance.After the second session I walked with Andrey to Mayer dorm. A number of people were already there. Eventually a group of us left to go to Verz Cruz on Maple. In our group were myself, Andrey, Patrick, Jason, Veronica and Shona. When we got there we found the place was closed. Judging by the signage on the door they don’t have late hours anymore. We walked across the street to the new Bruno’s but didn’t stay long because there were no free tables. We went to the old Bruno’s instead which had some room. The lot of us were there until we left at about 1:30. I walked back with Jason and Shona to her dorm because I had to pick up my jacked and book bag. With my belongings in hand I ended up at the Rat for a while to get something to eat to go with the beverages I had earlier. Sometimes before three I left and got a cab home.

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