First Mid-Term

I more or less had the day off. Dad left at about 11 to retrieve Jeff from the Greyhound station. We went to the office not long after he arrived back arrived. We were at the office for about an hour before Dad dropped me at the shuttle. I wanted some time to study for the test this evening. After I got off the bus I walked over to the ticket office in the Wilson center. I called there this morning to inquire about the tripod ring I left clamped to an armrest in Turchin Stadium yesterday. I spoke with ‘Brent,’ who was kind enough to go find it. On the way to pick it up I bumped into Patrick and he walked with me for a while.Having retrieved my drastically overpriced camera accessory, we walked back to the LBC. I got a smoothie and sat with my laptop for a while to try and study for the test this evening. I re(read) some of the past reading assignments and read some more about the National Register of Historic Places. It all felt pretty futile as I was doing it.I walked to Hebert a good half hour before class. The test this evening consisted of 10 short answer identifications and a choice of two of five essay topics. Although I was worried about bombing this test, I walked away feeling fine. If the professor is satisfied with my essays, which I thought were decent, I should get a good grade.I called Dad after class and he told me to wait in LBC for him to pick me up. At the time I didn’t know he was stopping at the hospital to visit Grandma before picking me up. I waited for a little over an hour before he arrived. Later that evening I watched some of Gone with the Wind. I’ve been watching the movie in small parts over the last week or so.

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