Generally speaking, the weekend was pretty quiet although I did get out of the house at least once. Friday was pretty quiet. On Saturday, the family including myself went out to dinner at the cheesecake bistro. This was their first time here since the storm. I ordered the jambalaya pasta. Jeff and Andrew split a BBQ shrimp linguine, which I had at my last visit. Dad had the crawfish ravioli and Mom ordered the shrimp St. Charles. For desert everyone had the bananas foster cheesecake except myself. I had the bananas foster sundae which was good but not exactly what I was expecting. Later that evening I watched Live Free or Die Hard. It was entertaining enough but it requires substantial suspension of disbelief.After church on Sunday, we went to EJ hospital to visit grandma Janet who has been back in ICU since a recent mild heart attack. Later that evening I watched 3:10 to Yuma, the recent remake. Having seen the original 1957 movie a couple weeks ago, my view of the new film was severely tainted. Compared to the original which had a singular and coherent theme, the new film is littered with unnecessary action and plot threads.Dad had to take Jeff to the airport today so he left me at the Mid City office by myself for the afternoon. When Dad made it to the Metairie office at about 2:30, I left for the day and took the streetcar down Canal and then took the shuttle to campus. I arrived on campus at about 3:45. I sat in the LBC for almost a couple hours while I waited for class this evening. I saw Patrick for a little while who met me to return a cell phone battery I lent him but he still needed it.We had a guest speaker in History in Everyday Life class this evening, Dr. William Fagen. He spoke about historical anthropogeography as it related to his research of Rockland, Maine. It’s a small coastal town that evolved over the past 150 years from various industrial economies to tourism. Following Mr. Fagen’s presentation, Professor Lyon proceeded to lecture for about an hour on historical memory or something like that. I met Dad after class, he had been waiting for me after working late this evening.

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